A Sweet Getaway

This weekend I went to Manhattan with my friend, Pauline, and her sister, Christy. We planned to go to a Ukrainian Festival. Although once we got there we got to see Dance Studios preform. It was a Parade or something of that sort. There were colorful costumes that stood out and different kinds of dances. Something you wouldn’t find very often.


One of the many Dance Studios that were performing on Saturday! It was a thrill! Simply an amazing thing to see.

DancersOther than that, we did attend Ukrainian Festival and they had children performing in national clothes.

Ukrainian Festival

FestivlAfter that, we went to get some food at Shake Shack and only two words describes the food there, absolutely delicious! We got burgers, a smoothie, fries, and concretes!


It was the best. Aside from the rain drizzling. After that we decided to go to Soho where we met another friend, Menyee. There were many things we saw walking through the streets, some stores we haven’t turned our attention to in the past. It felt as though we were still exploring the city we already knew. It was great, even if I stopped every few minutes to take pictures of the things that were surrounding us.


download (3)



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