Went to tumblr. headquarters with Ms. Schenck, Ms. Dunzelman, and other guys from the intensive! Our intensive is about blogging so that seemed like a perfect fit! Had lots of fun exploring there. They have a “Doggy Room” which, yes, has dogs in it! That probably made my day already. Never seen so many laid back people. Who thought work could be that fun for some? Have to admit, definitely not me.

Got some stickers while we were there!

Got some stickers while we were there!

Heard a story about a guy who shaved his head to have a ” t ” on the back which was something he did to celebrate his two years working at tumblr! Too bad the internet does’t have an image of that.. But instead here’s a picture of some awesome pins I got! Love my pins!


One thought on “tumblr.

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